Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bicycling can last a Lifetime

An older couple enjoying a bike ride on portable fold-up bikes.
You are never too old to bicycle and it's never too late to start enjoying the world gliding on 2 wheels. They are enjoying Dahon folding bikes. Made to store in tight places and excellent to travel with.the only thing I can precaution is, during your golden years, falling can be extremely dangerous, so you extra care when riding. Don't take any steep hills, or thick gravel roads. These two retirees were well equipped with extra soft chairs to sit on while observing the Balloons at the Jackson Hot-Air Jubilee. She even has extra cusion on her bike seat. She probably has food and water or drinks in that saddlebag on her side while the husband seems to have a cellphone connected to his belt. So whatever age you are, just get out there and breathe some fresh air, take in some sights and keep them muscles working. This is Jimio saying *Ride for Fun* and *Ride for Health*

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