Saturday, December 28, 2013

Betty Lou gets Retired

Jimio on his new Mountain Bike, Loretta
Well after 7 years of faithful service to old Jimio, Betty Lou has finally wore out. With only 1 gear working well and no rear brake, I decided to send her to the Old Bikes Home. Actually the Bicycle Union on Mechanic Street where they will fix her up and donate her to a needy family. My new mountain bike was given to me by my nephew Phillip who must have known the abysmal shape of Betty Lou through my conversations with his Mom, my sister, Missy. This new bike is a Schwinn Acension 29. It has 29' wheels which help soften the bumps in the road. So far it has been very responsive and easy to ride and with the full knobby tires, gets me through the snow just fine and dandy. Only problem was the handbrakes at too high an angle. That was easily corrected by rotating the handlebar forward to get just the right comfortable grip. I'm looking forward to taking more photos of people, places, animals and things with the sure smooth wheels of Loretta. This is Jimio saying *Ride for fun* *Ride Safe* and have a *Happy New Year 2014*


  1. Wow! Nice bike Jimio! That looks like you have disc brakes on both wheels! That is GREAT! you don't have to worry about whimpy brakes for a long time! And a nice shock absorber on the front fork? Man! you got a good one there.
    It will pay for you to upkeep this one. Happy biking!

  2. So far my new mountain bike "Loretta" has been very good to me. No problems and no crashes yet. Shifts very smoothly and the aluminum fram is extra light.