Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th to all the Pedalers out there.

This happy bicycler has a trailer that can carry small children or pets!
This is Jimio saying *Happy 4th* of July to all those who pedal around. Be careful to watch for cars and other bikes and pedestrians, for they might not be concentrating on the roads or sidewalks too well because of so many things on their minds. Some may even have started to party kinda early and have gotten a head start so just be extra cautious and have a great time on your bike.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring is here - Get that bike out of the basement

This family is ready to tour the neighborhood on this warm spring day in early May.
When the birds are chirping furiously and the flowers on the trees are blooming, you know that it is time to drag those bikes out of the basement or the garage and to start your way to getting healthier. All its takes is an air pump [or take the tires to a local auto tire shop but dont pump them too hard or they will explode. Those car tire pressure hoses push a lot of pressure. I just squeeze the tires and if they barely move a little its ok. You dont need your tires as hard as a rock.] and some WD40 or a bottle of engine oil for that rusty chain. Make sure the brakes are tight, pedals on snug and the seat adjusted for comfort. The young ones should wear a helmet also for protection. Im my small town I recommend riding on the sidewalk near busy streets because cars just don't watch out for you and you have no chance in a wreck vs a car. On side streets its ok because traffic is very limited and most drivers there hopefully are driving near home and have children of their own so know how precious it is to go slow around bicycles. This is Jimio saying *Ride for Fun* *Ride for Health*

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Little Bit of History

My Bike "Loretta" at The Elaine Apartments
This beautiful 8 story building started out in 1865 as a Chartered Bank #1533 by the USA Govt to the people of Jackson Michigan. It was 4 stories back then but was torn town in 1912 and the bank used the 1st floor while the remaining floors were used by doctors, dentists, lawyers and real-estate agents. In 1929 the bank merged and moved down the street and they leased the 1st floor to Albert Kantor who ran a fashionable womens clothing store called "The Elaine. In 1945 Albert bought the building and kicked the other businesses out and he occupied until 1967. In 1971 the building was converted to apartments . The buildings vestibule and lobby has Italian Botticino marble and bronze and terrazzo floors. During the 1929 crash Gov William Comstock mandated an 8 day banking holiday. After the holiday ended, the bank never reopened as the original bank.  This is Jimio saying *Ride for Fun*  *Ride for Health* and *Ride to Historic Places*

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

College Bicycling

Young Ladies from Jackson College
Many Colleges and Universities across the United States have facilities for bicyclers to enjoy their sport even if just for fun. I'm not sure if any higher learning institution offers a degree in Pro-Cycling but it would not surprise me if one or two do offer it. At Jackson College I'm sure there is no degree in Bicycling but still that does not deter these 2 fine ladies from enjoying a nice day around the area of southern Jackson. Most colleges will let you store your bicycle right in your dorm room and there are plenty of bike racks to lock your bike on as you go from class to class. Just remember, you still have to follow the rules of the road on rural roads coming out of the college and into the urbal streets of Jackson. This is Jimio saying *Ride for Fun* *Ride for Exercise* and even *Ride to Learn* Cheers!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Can you be a Drunk Bicycler and not get a Ticket?

This bicycle was parked outside the Town Bar
I was looking up the Michigan law on bicycles and you won't believe what I read. if you read #22 of this link it says: " 22. Can you be charged with a DUI while riding a bicycle? No. Although it would be dangerous to ride a bicycle while intoxicated, a bicycle is not a motor vehicle according to the Michigan Vehicle Code. DUI only applies to motor vehicles. Other ordinances may apply however, such as being intoxicated or as a danger to oneself or another." Also you cannot get points added to your drivers license since a bicycle is not a motor vehicle. I guess there is no way to keep you off a bicycle if you like to drive drunk like they do with cars. The law should keep repeated drunk bicyclers off the streets for the very fact that bikes share the streets with cars and have to follow most of the traffic laws. A motorist can get killed trying to avoid hitting a drunk bicyclist and the bicyclist can hurt or kill pedestrians since his reaction time is slowed down considerably. I have seen a bicyclist on Francis Street ride about 10 feet and fall over and get back on his bike and crash again another 10 to 15 feet later. I'm saying if we as bicyclers want to have many of the rights and priviledges as motorists, then we should follow the same rules as not riding drunk. One good law is the requirement that to sell a bicycle, it must have all the proper reflectors on it. At least at night if a car's lights shine on those bike reflectors, the driver will see you. This is Jimio saying *Ride for Fun* or *Ride to Work* but dont ride drunk but drink responsibly and ride under the drunk limit just as with a car, because I want all riders to be able to ride again the next day.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bicycling can last a Lifetime

An older couple enjoying a bike ride on portable fold-up bikes.
You are never too old to bicycle and it's never too late to start enjoying the world gliding on 2 wheels. They are enjoying Dahon folding bikes. Made to store in tight places and excellent to travel with.the only thing I can precaution is, during your golden years, falling can be extremely dangerous, so you extra care when riding. Don't take any steep hills, or thick gravel roads. These two retirees were well equipped with extra soft chairs to sit on while observing the Balloons at the Jackson Hot-Air Jubilee. She even has extra cusion on her bike seat. She probably has food and water or drinks in that saddlebag on her side while the husband seems to have a cellphone connected to his belt. So whatever age you are, just get out there and breathe some fresh air, take in some sights and keep them muscles working. This is Jimio saying *Ride for Fun* and *Ride for Health*

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Betty Lou gets Retired

Jimio on his new Mountain Bike, Loretta
Well after 7 years of faithful service to old Jimio, Betty Lou has finally wore out. With only 1 gear working well and no rear brake, I decided to send her to the Old Bikes Home. Actually the Bicycle Union on Mechanic Street where they will fix her up and donate her to a needy family. My new mountain bike was given to me by my nephew Phillip who must have known the abysmal shape of Betty Lou through my conversations with his Mom, my sister, Missy. This new bike is a Schwinn Acension 29. It has 29' wheels which help soften the bumps in the road. So far it has been very responsive and easy to ride and with the full knobby tires, gets me through the snow just fine and dandy. Only problem was the handbrakes at too high an angle. That was easily corrected by rotating the handlebar forward to get just the right comfortable grip. I'm looking forward to taking more photos of people, places, animals and things with the sure smooth wheels of Loretta. This is Jimio saying *Ride for fun* *Ride Safe* and have a *Happy New Year 2014*