Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pugging Along

Young Lady with her 2 Pugs enjoying a Balmy Summer Evening
While pedalling at Cascades Park I happened to see a very nice trike carrier for small dogs. The nice thing is when you have more than 1 dog they can tend to go in different directions, so this carrier keeps them together. Another advantage is you can also take the dogs out and walk them for a while. If they get tired they can go relax in the carrier and you can go jogging along with them while they rest!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Tow for the Ladies

Not your Grandma's Towtruck
As I was pedalling downtown Jackson on Race Weekend, I spotting this Pretty In Pink N Purple Tow Truck that Danica Patrick would be proud to own. On a Ford Ranger body it probably sees only duty towing your compact and subcompact variety. I like La Difference, it's nice seeing colors out there on tow trucks other than black,yellow,red or green. They are having the Quicken Loan 400 at MIS [Michigan International Speedway] on Fathers Day June 17th. On June 15th Greg Biffle topped out at 204 mph on the newly repaved track. A little Googling has rendered me the meaning of "Save the Ta Tas" Its for Breast Cancer Awareness and this Tow Truck is not alone. http://www.eastcoasttowing.net/breastcancertowtruck.html

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lets Get Pedalling!

Nice Commuter Bike in Town
I knew this warm weather would bring out the bikes and this little number caught Betty Lou's attention. No frills, no special gadgets, just plain old common sense. Two fenders to ride through puddles if need be, a horn for Slow pokes, a rear rack to carry garage sale items and a front bag for more important things like bananas, cookies, or a camera. I noticed a cable lock but it's not in use as this pic was taken. No doubt the owner was in view of their transportation treasure. This is Jimio saying *Ride for Fun* *Ride For Health* *Just Get out there and Do-It!*

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pedalling in the Farmlands

Bicycle made from Tractor parts

Farm on Old US12 near Grass Lake Michigan
Well the air is warm and the winds have died down a little so it's time to go long distance pedalling. I felt the urge to take in some peaceful relaxing countryside farm cruising, so I grabbed my camera and jumped on Betty Lou. It was a calm day and not a cloud in the sky. Saw some Sandhill Cranes and got chased by Ginny Hens but other than that I came away unscaythed. This is Jimio saying *Ride in the Country-There's Less Traffic*

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Homemade Choppers

I told these guys to start making and selling these chopper bicycles
A few days ago as I was heading north on Stewart Ave I came across these 2 innovative bike builders. They had just put together these 2 EasyRider type Trikes and were giving them a spin. It really amazes me how inventive people can be. These 2 guys sure got some looks from the passers by. Now all they need is a colorful paintjob and some business cards saying: "We Custom Build Bikes" This is Jimio saying *Ride Safe* *Ride For Health* and above all *Ride For Fun*

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trickster Bike

Talk about your shiney reflection, I hope this guy wears sunglasses so as not to get blinded while riding his Trickster Bike. I met him while at our local Classic Car Show. Got a nice pic of that Motorcycle behind him also. Heh, even the valve stems and caps are chrome. Shine Baby Shine! This is Jimio saying *Ride Safe* *Ride for Fun and Health* *Ride for Show*