Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Collectible Bicycles

Old Huffy Bike
While pedalling around taking pics of small towns I happened to come across a Classic Car Lot and they had a few old bicycles. This Huffy seems in fair shape for it's age and sitting outside in the elements every day. A little History of Huffy Bicycles. First Huffy was called a Dayton and was built in 1892 by George P. Huffman. In 1925 Horace Huffman formed the Huffman Manufacturing Company. Now it's the Huffman Dayton bike. In 1949 the name Huffy bike sticks and becomes a household name. In 1955 Huffy had a radio built into its tank between the seat and handlebars. Over the years Huffy has built and built  and built and has over 100 million bikes sold. Some people find it a very rewarding hobby to find old bicycles and restore them to their past glory. some late 1800s bicycles can sell for about $15k to $20k. I think the value can only increase if kept in fine shape and mint condition. There are a few more old bicycles on this Classic Car lot and I hope to show them in the future.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pedalling can be a Family Affare

Mother and Son riding together
If you want to get closer to your parents or closer to your kids, there's no better way than to take nice refreshing bicycle cruise down your neighborhood streets. You can even take in outdoor concerts or as this Mother and Son did: Take in some 4th of July Fireworks. There are plenty of things to ride to so don't let 2 wheels stop you. Nothing better than the calming effects of balmy flower scented air to clear your mind and discuss anything now that Mom is in a good mood.  Who knows! Maybe Mom is ready to buy you that used car or that new guitar, all it took was some fresh air and 3 miles of gliding down hills. Even if the convo diverts into small talk, its a memory that can last a lifetime. Our parents wont always be here and neither will we, so lets just make the most of it and enjoy life as it rolls by but please watch for cars and pedestrians. This is Jimio saying: *Ride for Health* *Ride for Fun* *Ride for the Memories* and *Ride with a Camera*

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thumbs-Up for Pedaling!

Guy I met at Cascades Falls Park
This man came out to Cascades Falls to see the fireworks on July 3rd. He used to live in Michigan but lives down south now. I think he was visiting relatives in town. I could tell he was enjoying himself as was I. Nothing like getting exercise and getting around faster than walking. It was a rather hot and humid evening with the temps still hovering in the high 80s by 9 pm. I probably circled the park 20 times looking at all the different people walking around, sitting on picnic tables, sitting on the lawn, walking dogs or carrying tiny dogs in their purses. A few even sat in the back of pickup trucks. A few even played lawn darts [these had no sharp points on the end]. The band near the Falls played all the old hits [Black Magic Woman-Magic Carpet Ride-Taking Care of Business-Radar Love] I almost felt I was transported back to 60s and 70s! It took forever to get dark, I'd say the fireworks didn't go off till 10 pm. The Moon was Full and Love was in the air judging by all the teenagers holding hands. Even a few ancient moldy oldy grownups held hands but I suspect that was more out of nostalgia over the Cascades Falls than over some explosive hormonal thing. This is Jimio saying *Ride for Fun* *Ride for Health* *Ride for the Memories* cause we ain't getting any younger. =B-]

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Have a Safe Happy July 4th

A Bicyclist waits for it to get dark and watch the fireworks at Cascades Falls Park
I remember one year back in 1976. My Uncle Jerry was visiting from Maryland and Dadio decided we all should watch the Cascades Waterfalls. Dadio had left his parking lights on so his battery went dead and after the fireworks we all packed into my 1974 Pinto Wagon. It was a tight squeeze and the shocks bottomed out a few times hitting some bumps but we all made it home. Momio called from home to get a towtruck to give Dadio a jump. The first public showing was May 10, 1932. The Falls are 500 feet in length and have 16 falls with hundreds of different colored lights. The many color combinations are spectacular. A new sound system and computerized lighting were installed in 1983. Seating in front of the Cascades can seat 3,000 people. And many times a Band will play on the small stage. The Cascades Falls Park even has its own Ice Cream Paulor and it was packed today! Also there is a 911 Memorial. A piece of the World Trade Center. You can definately tell that piece of steel was in a very hot fire. You can see the Cascades Falls in the upper left of this photo. They aren't in color yet as it is too bright out . This year was very hot, it was prob 86F at 9 pm. In fact as I.m writing this it is 100F out and suppose to be 100F Thursday and Friday. We need rain badly. I'd guess to say at least 60,000 to 80,000 people watched the fireworks this year. Many came on bikes [I got 4 pics] and many even had their dogs with them. I saw a beautiful Husky Puppy and a Greyhound and a few Pugs and Chihuahuas. A guy drove his 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertable. Red-Orange, a wonderful car. As I was riding Betty Lou [my bike] home, I could barely see the thousands of people sitting on the Cascades Park lawn. Every time a firework went off and spread its majestic colors in splender, it cast a golden glow over the crowd. A Full Moon helped to illuminate a certain erieness of wonder and delight to all the children there. Each time I hear the rockets take off, I looked behind me while on my bike and watched each glorious color and shape. One nice thing also- I avoided the mad rush after the fireworks had finished. Let me just say- You don't want to get caught in traffic as thousands of families are scrambling to get home and me on Betty Lou would be like 2 sitting ducks. This is Jimio saying *Ride for Fun* *Ride for Health* *Ride ahead of the Madening Crowds*