Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another Neat Bike

Groovy Wheels on this Bike


  1. I have been seeing more bicycles as the weather gets warmer so I try to post the more interesting ones here. *Ride-Safe* *Ride for Health* *Ride for Fun* -Jimio

  2. omg look at that bike! i luv it! is that a fixie? I like the rim colors and the tread colors! i wanna repaint certain parts of my bike! Kewl bike, Jimio! Keep them pics coming!

  3. That's a Walmart SS/fixie,selling for a c-note. I bought one a while back,but after riding in in my driveway I returned it. Nothing blatantly wrong with the bike (knowing going into it it's a cheap bike that's very inexpensive),especially if one chose to run it fixie (has a flip-flop hub,freewheel on one side for SS'ing,fixed on the other). It was a bit heavy,but for a c-note,one couldn't go wrong* if they wanted to give fixed or SS a try. I'd bought it wanting a SS townie bike (I have/had-at-the-time my geared CX'er for a gearie).

    My issue was the brakes (which is why I said no issues if ran fixed ;) ),they were completely useless,and I wouldn't have personally had much access to that style brakes to find an I needed my c-note for a bill,LOL! I really dug the frame though,really :) My daughter and son called it "Ronald McDonald's bike",the wife called it "The Ketchup and Mustard bike" ona-counta those cool colored wheels/tires. I may buy another one yet,LOL!

    The DC

  4. am gunna try to buy rims and tires like that, lol