Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Pedalling

Betty Lou resting at a Stop Sign
I enjoy riding my mountain bike in the winter. I have to be more careful than during the other seasons due to the slippery snow and the ice that cant be seen underneath it. I don't recommend this activity for the faint of heart but those of you who like a little extra excitement may enjoy this. Also don't ride in unfamiliar terrain as many potholes could be lurking under that snow. Please ride slower than usual and brake farther away than you normally would. Plus don't use the front brake too much or very long. If you must, apply the front brake in small short bursts as to keep the front tire in motion as a sliding front tire will send you down. Also when you see those plow drifts across the road , if possible speed up a little and "glide" through them. going too slow will get you stuck in them and then you must "walk" your way out with your shoes. I have fallen 3 or 4 times a season. It is inevitable and will happen. I just shrug it off as part of my winter experience. Also dress appropriately and try to have wide knobby tires to help grab the snow and give you traction and stability on turns. This is Jimio saying *Ride for Fun* *Ride Extra Safe in Snow*

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Short Trip

Entrance to the New North Trail at Exit to Old Jackson State Prison
Well I finally pedaled down the New North Bike Trail. It was wide and smooth. The only problem , it's only 1/4 mile long which means I have to ride it 20 times to get 5 miles in. I don't think I want to see the same things 20 times. :-] There is a sign put up by our local energy company that says "Please avoid contact with towers, poles, guy wires or other utility equipment you may encounter along the way. Report any downed lines, motorized vehicle use or other issues of concern to your local law enforcement authorities immediately. Thank You and enjoy the Trail" -- I didn't know I was suppose to do the work of the utility linesmen or the police department and wonder if I can get a nice reward for reporting all this stuff that could possibly happen within 1/4 mile that's just on the north edge of town. I would probably report any dangerous downed lines so as to protect our furry and feathers friends along the trail. My main concern is a longer trail :-] Well, hopefully they will add on to it in the years to come. This is Jimio saying: "Ride Safe" - "Ride for Fun" "Ride on the Trail as to not hit a Tower or Utility Pole"