Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tools of the Trade

Jimio's assorted Bike Tools
I had a high school friend who was into bicycle racing and he helped me pick out the tools I needed to take my 74 Fuji Finest apart. Jeff had a 1974 Raleigh racing bicycle, silver blue, a real beauty. My Fuji was white so i had it painted blue-green. When I got my tools we took my bike apart and greased all the bearings. It was fun but I wish I had a camera then to show all the parts spread out all over his basement floor. Jeff won a few trophies and medals but I never got enough discipline to get into racing. It takes a huge amount of dedication and I was just happy enough putting around at 15 mph checking out the countryside as well as the urban lifeforms. I must admit that the pipe wrench in the photo is not a true bicycle tool, but it comes in handy for rusted bike posts and handlebar stems. -Jimio saying *Ride Safe* *Ride for Fun* and *Ride Prepared*