Monday, October 29, 2012

Last Ride of the Year for Some

Old Bicycle at a Cider Mill
Even tho we may get a few more 60 degree days, the rain and wind that will bestow on us the foreshadow of winter is enough to make the most feeble hearted  persons hang up pedalling till spring. This bike seems to be used as a decoration but if need be, it is road-ready anytime. Now a few die-hard souls like moi will ride straight through winter over the drifts and ice and cruise right into spring. For me it's because I like to stay in shape and I must feed my craving for pics, pics and more pics! -Jimio saying *Ride Safe* and if you continue to the next season, *Ride with Proper Attire*

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Long Distance Tourer passing through Town

Todd Zeller and Jude
As I was heading home from a medium 8 mile ride I noticed 2 cyclers walking their bikes. Todd Zeller was Citizen for the Year for Jackson County for his work on the Falling Water Trail Todd also said their is a newer trail heading north just beyond Armory Court up past Monroe Street and I believe across I-94. I will pedal on it as soon as I can and try to get some groovy pics. Jude is touring to Maine and then across Canada to Alaska. He has quite a collection of license plates gathered from past rides and his bike is well equipped for the long haul. I wished him a safe journey and thanked Todd for all his great work over the years with the Falling Water Trail. This is Jimio saying *Ride Safe* *Ride for Fun* and *Ride for Health*

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Country Riding

Bicycling on rural roads can lend itself to some beautiful Farm Scenery 
Some of the Horses I encountered during my ride. They thought I had food.

Alice giving me a free sample of wine.
While riding last week on some back roads, I happened to look for some trees in full fall colors. well many were not ready yet but this Barn is always ready to show it's scenic view for all who pass by. Now I like city riding with all its hustle and bustle and plenty of photo subject matter but nothing beats a quiet ride in the country with its clean fresh air and lack of motorized vehicles. Still you must be careful for on country roads the cars go much faster. I had a very good time, seeing many horses and goats and even stopping by a Winery to test some of their prize winning flavors. The wine samples were Free! This is Jimio saying *Ride Safe* * Ride for Fun* and *Ride for Free Samples*