Monday, April 9, 2012

Donating Bikes to Kenya

Bikes for Kenya Project
I pedalled to my local downtown Coffee Shop to enjoy a strong hearty brew and this bright yellow trike caught my eye. Upon further inspection I found that when purchasing coffee, the shop will donate a portion of the proceeds towards these tricycles so the farmers in rural areas of Kenya can transport water and coffee to and from the villages. The farmers cant afford vehicles to transport the coffee and the roads are probably rugged and very narrow. It's nice to see bicycles and tricycles helping small businesses and small countries save money in an energy efficient way. *Ride Safe* *Ride for Fun* *Ride for Health* *Ride for the World* -Jimio

Saturday, April 7, 2012

City Workers Doing Their Thing

City Workers spreading mulch at Consumers Energy Parking Garage
Another sign that Spring is here when you see City Workers [DPW means Dept. of Public Works I assume] spreading mulch. In the next few weeks other workers and private citizens will be planting flowers to make my town look so nice! What was cool was the workers shoveled the mulch out of the back of a city dump truck and when they could not reach it from the back, they closed the tailgate, then lifted the dumper in the air and the mulch in the front all settled against the tailgate. Then they lowered the dumper, opened the tailgate and had a huge fresh supply of Mulcherino! This is Jimio saying *Ride Safe-RideforFun* and get ready to smell the Flowers!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring means Cruisin

Man with Grand Daughter on a Sidewalk Cruise
This early Spring has brought a lot of people out into the streets and sidewalks and it's such a pleasure to see them all enjoying this wonderful weather. This Grandpa and Grand Daughter were on their way to the Ice Cream Shop to cool them down after a long Sidewalk Cruise. Here's to a Happy Safe Spring: *Cheers* -Jimio