Friday, March 30, 2012

Bikes a Way of Life to Some of Us

Bicycling sure beats Walking
Some of us ride a bike for fun while other ride a bike as a necessity to get around and while walking is probably the oldest form of transportation, the bicycle made its entrance in 1817 in the city of Baden Germany. I bet when the bikes were mass produced, many people were thrilled to get across town a lot faster than walking and no horse or donkey to feed and care for! The early bicycle didn't even have chains or pedals. The riders just used their feet for power. Doesn't seem very efficient. I'm sure though that after a while a few people managed to make a living on their bikes. Others found that their bikes gave them the freedom to discard other forms of transportation and in that sence their bikes became a fundamental part of their life, at least until the automobile was invented. Even today we have people who depend on these 2-wheeled contraptions to get them about their way of living. While some people buy $3,000 bicycles to either race or tour, the frugal riders can pick up bicycles at a garage sale for $20 and with a little oil and a few minor adjustments be ready to glide down Life's Highway. I just hope these often and regular pedallers keep their eyes open for the cars that are not really looking for bikes and as more bicyclers grace our roads, streets and boulevards, I look forward to the future of more bike paths and trails to ensure a safer riding experience. This is Jimmio saying *Ride Safe - Ride for Fun -Ride for Life*