Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pretty in Pink Mrs. Clause

Mrs Clause's Underthingeys
It never fails to amaze me what imagination can spring wild from our local residents. The last bastion of decency has been eroded from the Santa Clause household with this display of tender undergarments[Santa probably wears bright red underwear so its only fitting the Mrs wears pink] Either this woman thinks she is Mrs Clause or that this is a relative of Mrs Clause, possibly a sister or a cousin. In any event I just had to take a picture for posterity for she might move next year to the North Pole being how the way economic conditions are. I just hope her Frilleys dry in time for the Annual Visit from her Uncle, Brother or Cousin St. Nick on Christmas Day. Im dying to know what will be put in that Stocking.  This is Jimio saying *Ride Safe-Ride Warm-Watch for Sleighs*