Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Few Things about Leaves

Betty Lou meets a new Friend!
Now that Fall is in full swing, I need to mention a few things about leaves. Sure they smell nice and look pretty but when they are piled up on the sidewalks , streets or bike paths they can be very dangerous to us Pedalers. For one thing dont try plowing through a pile of leaves because you never know what may be under them. A rake or some kids toys they have buried under the pile of leaves can cause a flat tire or bent rims or worse a sprained or broken ankle. Ride slowly if you must ride over any amount or thickness of leaves [especially wet leaves] and dont make a sharp turn on them unless you like diving towards the ground [very useful for stunt bicycler practice] And be careful also about riding in rural roads during hunting season. Bullets can and do fly across roads! This is Jimio saying *Ride Safe* *Ride Fun* *Ride for Health*